Cloud Control Service

Cloud Control from igroup helps reduce Azure costs and makes managing the cloud simpler.

Did you know?

31% of IT businesses with cloud-hosted applications use no form of cloud resource management, leading to skills gaps, sluggish performance, escalating costs and “shadow IT”?

What is cloud control?

igroup’s Cloud Control is an Azure management service that is, supported, maintained and optimised by our Microsoft Accredited team.  We actively manage and optimise your cloud server environment by taking ownership of your regular maintenance schedule and settings.

Cloud configuration, network architecture, security settings, software updates, user authentication, monitoring, disaster recovery, firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware are all included.

What do you get out of it?

Cloud Control dynamically manages your Azure infrastructure to scale machines back when they’re not needed.  This can reduce Azure costs by up to 40% because you no longer pay for capacity you’re not using.

  • A scalable environment that dynamically adapts to your needs and keeps costs low
  • Certified UK-based support team to provide fast resolution of any issues
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed making data and applications more accessible

Why is it important?

If you don’t have the technical skills or possibly manpower to manage the Azure deployment, igroup can take on that function for you.

Cloud Control combines a number of services to streamline the management of your Azure environment.  Security is improved with Anti-Malware and a firewall, along with automatic patching at OS level.

igroup provide full identity management services for single sign-on across applications, and thanks to our automated backup services, your data is secure.

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