Powerful CIO Insights into your SharePoint Strategy

CIOs are looking to create a holistic and engaging employee experience. Employees engage with many different apps and systems (SharePoint, Yammer, Power BI, OneDrive, Office Video, etc) so bringing all these business systems together in a way that is purposeful and intuitive for their user’s unique tasks is[…]

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Feb 27, 2017
igroup open Dubai Office

Igroup’s Dubai Office is now open for business --Dubai, 22 February 2017 As a leading Microsoft Gold Partner with specialisms in both SharePoint and Azure, igroup works with organisations around the world to deliver enterprise class solutions for collaboration and productivity. Managing director Steve Rastall visited Dubai in[...]

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Why Single Sign On Matters

As more of your business’ data is stored remotely, security and access become ever more important. Single Sign On gives users access to data across multiple applications through one identity – which streamlines the process of accessing information, and improves security for the organisation. Single Sign On Overview[…]

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SharePoint Hosting Requirements

When it comes to planning the way SharePoint will be deployed, igroup look at a number of factors to ensure that performance is maximised.  The hosting requirements for SharePoint include consideration of both the hardware that is to be used – whether physical or cloud servers – as[…]

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The Cloud in the Renewable energy sector

Cloud services are helping drive innovation in the fast-growing renewable energy sector due to the flexibility it provides.  Efficiency is the root of all success in the renewables sector.  The ability to improve processes to reduce waste and adapt supply to meet demand maximises the use of energy[…]

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Why SharePoint Projects Fail

According to a 2009 IDC report, around 25% of IT projects fail in delivering their goals, while up to 50% require major refactoring in order to meet the requirements that were set.  This can have a major impact on a business.  Typically, major projects – whether related to SharePoint[…]

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Virtualisation and Business Growth with Azure

One of the biggest challenges for IT in a fast-growing company is ensuring that the infrastructure can be adapted to meet the needs of the business.  As new departments are added, and business requirements develop, infrastructure can become a bottleneck for change, holding back the business from achieving[…]

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Diagnosing problems with SharePoint

Over time, SharePoint installations can become more complex.  As different members of teams add folders, or the nature of the business changes, the overall structure of a SharePoint deployment will change to reflect business needs.  In some cases, this can lead to issues being faced by staff as they work with[…]

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Extending SharePoint Functionality

SharePoint’s out of the box functionality means that it is a capable platform for most businesses.  The core services of document management and collaboration that are built in improve the ability of staff to control and share information through an organisation.  However, in order to unlock the full potential of SharePoint and deliver meaningful change[…]

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Why are your Azure Costs Rising?

There are a number of different reasons why companies choose to migrate to the cloud.  These include: increased reliability, better security, and improved flexibility.  In many cases, these reasons are also related to cost.  In theory, migrating to a virtual infrastructure using Microsoft Azure or one of the other major[…]

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