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Adopt the “AMG line” appproach to your Azure architecture

 How do you make something good even better? The answer is dependent on what you are trying to make better. For example, if you look at buying a premium car like a Mercedes or BMW, you could go one step further and buy a tuned-up version like those[…]

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Control your cloud costs to reduce your IT budget

The cloud is now a mature and stable framework for migrating your IT infrastructure. Whilst its scalability provides many benefits, like any resource it needs to be properly managed to ensure you are fully in control of both usage and costs. Ironically, considering all cloud providers sell cost[…]

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igroup are an approved supplier for G-Cloud 9

igroup are delighted to announce they have been approved as an official supplier of cloud services as part of the G-Cloud 9 Marketplace in the categories of Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support.  This approval means that igroup can continue to manage the supply of public and private cloud services[…]

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Microsoft Azure mitigates your risk of a Cyber Attack

With recent Cyber Security threats, like the WannaCrypt ransomware attack, many CIOs are giving thought to their own cloud data security, including platforms like Azure. We are taking a moment to examine the enterprise grade security features of Azure and how the correct security settings give CIOs true[…]

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Why Single Sign On Matters

As more of your business’ data is stored remotely, security and access become ever more important. Single Sign On gives users access to data across multiple applications through one identity – which streamlines the process of accessing information, and improves security for the organisation. Single Sign On Overview[…]

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The Cloud in the Renewable energy sector

Cloud services are helping drive innovation in the fast-growing renewable energy sector due to the flexibility it provides.  Efficiency is the root of all success in the renewables sector.  The ability to improve processes to reduce waste and adapt supply to meet demand maximises the use of energy[…]

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Virtualisation and Business Growth with Azure

One of the biggest challenges for IT in a fast-growing company is ensuring that the infrastructure can be adapted to meet the needs of the business.  As new departments are added, and business requirements develop, infrastructure can become a bottleneck for change, holding back the business from achieving[…]

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Why are your Azure Costs Rising?

There are a number of different reasons why companies choose to migrate to the cloud.  These include: increased reliability, better security, and improved flexibility.  In many cases, these reasons are also related to cost.  In theory, migrating to a virtual infrastructure using Microsoft Azure or one of the other major[…]

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Microsoft Open UK Azure Data Centres

Microsoft have announced that they have opened a number of UK Azure Data Centres which allow them to provide public cloud services including Office 365 to industries such as banking and local government where data needs to be hosted in the UK. Historically, businesses using Microsoft Azure from the UK would have[…]

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What are Data Centre Tiers?

In its simplest form, a data centre is a collection of servers which are interconnected and accessible to users.  A small data centre might be no more than a single rack within an office, while a large corporate data centre might be a large warehouse with thousands of[…]

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