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Case Study: LogicMelon – Making the cloud work for your software application

Our Client

LogicMelon (Logic Enterprises Ltd) is the creator of a job posting and candidate management cloud-based software.
Their clients include several recruitment agency leaders, such as Hays and Randstad.

The solution’s platform is a major part of LogicMelon’s business and therefore, the availability and uptime of the solution are critical to their customers.

They had developed their software solution on Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, .Net Framework and ASP.Net, which sits in a traditional colocation environment.

Their Challenge

LogicMelon needed to find a new provider that could deliver a more consistent service at a higher standard than their current provider and advice around how to achieve that.

They had only considered traditional options and after exploring a series of colocation providers, had found no real difference in the level of service between their existing provider and the new options.

The Solution

After a day with our team’s tailored approach, the cloud was not only a feasible solution but now their preferred option. We helped them address:

  • Budget concerns and explained the cloud usage model.
  • Delivered a knowledge transfer that built confidence in choosing to manage the cloud themselves.
  • Architected an infrastructure to ensure the performance of their 800GB database.
  • Provided continued direct access to 3rd line experts to consult on technical problems sitting between infrastructure and their software.
  • Delivered more than a quotation for servers – we provided advice and support until it satisfied the team and they had the answer they needed.

The Benefit

  • Cloud-agnostic advice – subscription advice given that covered both Azure and AWS and not restricted to one supplier.
  • Three options provided within budget showing what was achievable and cost implications explained.
  • A complete review undertaken giving an architectural blueprint specific to client needs and ensuring scalability.
  • Client given a clear understanding of timescales for each phase of their plan.
  • Knowledge was transferred to the client and support services offered so LogicMelon could independently manage Azure.
  • Delivered an assurance that their 800gb database will perform as needed and over achieved the required 99% disk throughput and IOPS with SLA’s in place that delivers 99.9999% uptime.
  • We filled their knowledge gap between software and infrastructure with ongoing expert support.

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