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Case Study: Intelligent Energy – migrating to a new SharePoint environment

Our client

Intelligent Energy is global business based in Leicestershire and established in 2001.  They deliver clean energy solutions for the UAV, automotive and stationary power markets and develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology. Managing documentation and engineering process is a core part of their business.

Their challenge

To improve efficiency, Intelligent Energy needed support to develop a new document management system and migrate existing data to a new SharePoint2013 solution.  The timescales specified to deliver the project was quite short.

The solution

Our consultants worked with Intelligent Energy to get a full understanding of their business goals through our specification service, and developed an architecture for a bespoke document management solution in SharePoint.

To meet their project goals and timelines, igroup based the solution on ‘out of the box’ functionality to minimise the amount of custom development required.

The benefit

  • All existing data was successfully migrated to the new SharePoint platform.
  • Choosing igroup for their SharePoint solution ensured that tight deadlines were met.
  • The new platform enabled the staff to manage their documentation and internal processes more efficiently.

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