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Case study: Peregrine Risk Management

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How CAMS from igroup delivers greater application security and performance for Peregrine Risk Management.

Peregrine Risk Management is a global risk management company with over 40 years of experience in physical security, travel risk management, risk consultancy, training, asset tracking, threat and intelligence.

As recognised industry experts, Peregrine have brought together their knowledge and technology in a single pre-travel risk assessment platform called Foresight. The platform is highly secure and has transformed and streamlined pre-travel risk assessment processes saving time and money. Used by organisations across the globe, Foresight lets them create pre-defined risk criteria tailored to meet specific needs replacing traditional paper-based solutions helping to improve traveller and organisational safety.

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The Challenge

Peregrine Risk Management knew that security and identity management would be a key requirement for users of Foresight which is why they opted to host it on an Azure infrastructure. With built-in security features, Azure would help protect the sensitive information stored on the system and give users the ability access resources from multiple locations, and on different devices.

Having recognised the value that hosting Foresight on Azure would give them, the development team wanted

to work with experts who could support implementing single sign-on for Azure Active Directory, as well as provide advice and support on future security issues.

Austin Furness, chief technology officer at Peregrine Risk Management said; “We work with internationally recognised organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, so we needed to ensure that their data stays secure but is easy to always access. One of our key criteria for a support partner had to be their ability to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in SSO on Azure AD.”

In addition, as the number of users of Foresight grew there would be a need to continually add new resources and functions to the infrastructure which would require managing efficiently to ensure costs were kept down and Azure continued to perform at its optimum level for both the development team and customers.

The Approach

Following initial presentations from several companies, igroup was appointed as the support partner for Peregrine Risk Management. As part of their proposal, igroup had given examples of the support they had provided to other clients as well as demonstrated the significant security and performance benefits which would be delivered by the Cloud Active Management System (CAMS).

“We were very impressed with the proposal from igroup because, rather than just talk about the issues, they were able to give real examples of the support they had provided customers,”

commented Austin Furness. “In addition, we were able to see the security, cost and performance benefits installing CAMS onto our Azure infrastructure would give us.” igroup Azure security specialists ran a series of advisory sessions with Peregrine to ensure they had a complete understanding of the identity management requirements for Foresight and were then able to make a series of recommendations including:

  • Initial patching and upgrading of the Azure infrastructure to support Single sign-on
  • Implementing igroup’s bespoke CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) for Peregrine’s Azure infrastructure which added a unique set of tools and resources including reporting and management to allow better performance management, security, and cost control
  • Providing on–call Azure specialists who could advise and support the in-house team
  • Reviewing customer use of Foresight and making additional security recommendations

The Results

By implementing igroup’s CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) onto their existing Azure infrastructure Peregrine saw several immediate benefits including:

  • Active security monitoring allowing them to deal with threats before they become an issue
  • Regular updates and reviews which reduced downtime for users
  • Improved application and data security with single sign-on active directory
  • On call security specialists to enhance their support to customers
  • Reduced Azure costs by improving resource management

“We were initially looking for an Azure support partner who specialised in security issues and with igroup we got so much more. Not only are they able to provide security expertise when we need it, but they have helped us improve overall application performance and kept costs down which is very important for our customers,” concluded Austin Furness.

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The Challenge

  • To implement single sign-on Azure AD and identity management across all applications
  • To be able to access Azure expertise as and when required 
  • To improve performance and cost management of Azure

The Solution

  • On-call Azure experts for support and advisory services 
  • Implementing igroup's proactive CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) 
  • Identity management across all applications

The Results

  • Greater application security 
  • Access to flexible resources as and when required 
  • Proactive risk auditing & logging 
  • Built in performance and cost control monitoring

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