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high quality, flexible cloud hosting on either AWS or Azure

Save 20% on your AWS & Azure costs

CAMS Flex delivers high quality, flexible cloud hosting solutions on either AWS or Azure environments.

By using a range of algorithms to select the best performing environment, it guarantees significantly higher cost reductions when compared with CAMS Compute.

In addition, CAMS Flex gives customers additional storage and data transfer allowances as standard, free resources and full integration with CloudOps Active Management Solution from igroup to proactively manage and support your cloud.



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The benefits of CAMS Flex

CAMS Flex is fully integrated with the CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) from igroup. By choosing CAMS Flex for your cloud infrastructure your business benefits from:

Full customisation – We use a range of algorithms to select the best performing environment, either Azure or AWS, and deploy the environment which maximises the performance of your applications and services to achieve your business objectives.

20% discount on compute costs – Our relationships with Microsoft and Amazon gives you discounts on compute and resource costs of 20%.

Fixed monthly costs – With CAMS Flex your cloud costs will be fixed and forecastable with no hidden charges or sudden increases.

Additional storage and data transfer allowances as standard – Your cloud environment will be specified with more storage and data transfer capacity than you need so, if it is required in the future, there are no cost increases or performance limitations.

30 day invoicing terms, not credit cards – All CAMS Flex customers are invoiced on standard 30 day terms to plan cash flow and remove surprise bills.

A pre deployed development environment – CAMS Flex includes a dedicated pre deployed test environment on standby. Configured to match live servers, applications can be tested before deployment and is ready to be switched on instantly.

Full integration with the CloudOps Active Management Solution – CAMS Flex not only delivers the right infrastructure but also a fully managed support solution that includes performance and cost monitoring tools, support processes and general administration functions to manage the cloud.

Why choose CAMS Flex

Our expertise and knowledge of the cloud allows customers to concentrate on delivering applications and services, not managing their infrastructure.

CAMS Flex gives:

  • Significant cost discounts – igroup use a number of algorithms to select the cloud environment that gives you the highest possible discount and keeps costs down. We deliver a fully supported, high quality infrastructure at a fraction of the cost you would traditionally pay.
  • Expertise – igroup has already delivered cloud solutions for hundreds of companies and organisations across the UK and brings this knowledge to all customers.
  • Support – With CloudOps Active Management Solution built in performance and operational efficiency are continually maintained and managed.

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CAMS and igroup

igroup and CAMS will:

  • Be an integral part of your team delivering high quality advice and support
  • Allow you to concentrate on delivering your own services and applications
  • Improve overall business profitability and reduce cloud costs
  • Enable your business to grow through the cloud

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