CAMS Core Functionality

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Single sign on / multiple dashboards

CAMS dashboards give a clear and concise 365 degree view of the cloud infrastructure including:

  • Performance
  • Resource allocation
  • Backup status
  • Operational status and fault resolution

Always on monitoring and active alerting

CAMS continually monitors the health of the cloud infrastructure in order to:

  • Diagnose and resolve faults before they become an issue
  • Provide post event analysis and future proofing
  • Maintain guaranteed 99.999% reliability

Continuous cost optimisation

CAMS constantly reviews resource usage and identifies possible savings with:

  • Live usage reports and analysis
  • Pre-defined scripts to maintain performance, pause unused assets and make resource changes
  • Built in cost optimisation processes

Automated updates and patching

CAMS keeps cloud infrastructures up to date with the latest patches and security features using automated routines and active management from our support team

24/7 Infrastructure Status Dashboards and Support Tools

CAMS has built in emergency monitoring dashboards and support tools which:

  • Allows users to see the status of their machines and cloud provider all in one location
  • Identifies where faults may be impacting their business
  • Access support tickets
  • Activate predefined recovery routines and scripts

Automated Backup and Disaster Recovery

Pre-configured disaster recovery processes in CAMS take regular snapshots of virtual machines and can manage the disaster recovery process in the event of a critical failure.

Technology Adoption Manager

All CAMS customers have a dedicated Technology Adoption Manager so they get the maximum business value and performance from the cloud. The adoption manager will:

  • Provide ongoing customer training and support with CAMS
  • Undertake regular security audits and recommendations

Provide first line cloud planning to help your business deliver their applications and services more effectively

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