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IG CloudOps - Cloud management technology, with people!

Market-leading, open-source cloud management tools included

We've assembled the best-of-breed open source solutions with CloudOps being the glue that gives you a single management view of all your cloud assets across AWS, Azure, GCP & hybrid workloads.

AWS Native API integration
Azure Native APIs integration
Google Cloud Platform - CloudOps is compatible
IG CloudOps Overview

How does CloudOps deliver?

Save money on AWS and Azure with practical recommendations and cost audits

Save money

Cost analysis and auditing with live and historic data from the native APIs for AWS & Azure

Spend less time managing cloud infrastructure and more time focused on your customers

Save resources

Spend more time adding value for your customers, not fire fighting cloud infrastructure issues

Multi-cloud management all in one place


All your cloud resources in one central dashboard across AWS, Azure, GCP and Hybrid

patch managment

Improve your performance

Root cause analysis, infrastructure vs code analysis. Get to the cause of any cloud issue

UK based support team and technology adoption manager

UK support & advisory team

Our AWS & Azure teams provide the support you need on demand and the advisory services to help you stay on track

penetration testing and full security auditing


Security audits with risk logging and application penetration testing

CloudOps featured in Business insider
Featured in Fox News
CloudOps featured in Yahoo news

Multi-cloud Technology Stack

Plug & play with  Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure 
Compatible with Google Cloud Platform and Hybrid environments

AWS full api integration
aws cloudformation identity integration and access control
Azure Lighthouse integration for access and identity control
Azure full api integration
Jenkins - Monitoring as part of CAMS platform
osTitcket for scalable AWS and Azure support
Integrated Pentesting as part of the CAM cloud management
Kubernetes monitoring included as standard

Find out more about CloudOps

CloudOps Monitoring for Kubernetes Cluster Worker Nodes (both managed and unmanaged).

Supports both Azure's AKS and AWS' EKS managed Kubernetes Clusters as well as self-provisioned clusters such as those created with Kubeadm.

AWS and Azure DevOps Challenges: Strategies for Success for IT Directors

Explore strategies for overcoming AWS and Azure DevOps challenges. Learn how as an IT Director you can ensure success by separating infrastructure from development.

NoOps: IG CloudOps delivers IT Operational Excellence for DevOps teams

If you're interested in learning more about NoOps or considering implementing it in your own organisation, see how CloudOps can help accelerate your implementation of NoOps.

If you're running cloud infrastructure on AWS and Azure, a cloud management solution should be a key part of your setup. 

CloudOps is plug and play with AWS & Azure and compatible with Google Cloud and Hybrid environments.

Are you looking for an alternative to your current cloud management platform?

CloudOps vs Flexera One - Cloud Management Platform Alternatives

Comparing Flexera One to our own CloudOps platform to help you make an informed decision.

How does their software for cloud management compare to CloudOps?

New Relic Alternatives: Is CloudOps an Alternative To New Relic?

New Relic's software focuses on full-stack monitoring, observability, data ingest & insights... How does this compare to CloudOps?


Our partners & certifications

igroup is a certified AWS partner
HM Government G-Cloud Supplier G-Cloud 13
igroup is a certified Microsoft Azure partner with a UK based Azure support team
software (2)
Cloudflare partner network, IG CloudOps cloudflare partner, cloudflare expert
CAMS Cost Dashboard for AWS & Azure plug and play cloud management software

What do our customers say?

“The IG CloudOps culture of approachable professionalism has been a great match with my team."

"Also, their ‘can do’ attitude with a pragmatic approach to problems has enabled us to move our product roadmap forward.”

Dan Frost
Managing Director at Adaptive

“IG CloudOps had the knowledge and expertise we needed and they were able to demonstrate how they would support our development team quickly and efficiently through their cloud management solution, CloudOps.”

Steve Stringer
Software Architect at Oak Software