Microsoft Azure Managed Services

  • 24/7 access to a dedicated team of Azure specialists
  • Day to day support, optimisation and cost controls
  • Reduced IT support costs

igroup Azure managed services

At igroup we understand that Azure is at the centre of your business operations and how it performs will affect you and your customers. Working with an accredited Azure Managed Services Provider means that you know you are working with experts.

Our Azure managed services team will proactively monitor and report on your environment to ensure:

  • Optimum operational performance
  • Upgrades are made as and when required
  • Resources are managed correctly
  • Issues are dealt with quickly
  • There is the minimum of business disruption

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How we work

Our Azure managed services team give your business the flexibility and confidence to move and grow with the Microsoft cloud. Our management services cover four key areas.

Azure technical support

Problems with your Azure infrastructure can seriously affect performance or lead to down time. The igroup team will:

  • Identify and diagnose issues
  • Report on the problem
  • Resolve the issue
  • Ensure it does not happen again

In most cases we resolve problems before you even notice them.

Azure monitoring

Our SLAs protect your business with 24/7 monitoring and lets us deliver 99.999% uptime as standard. This helps:

  • Improve accessibility of data
  • Prevent application outages
  • Analyse consumption levels
  • Make performance recommendations

Monitoring enables you to manage your and lower your overall subscription costs.

Azure optimisation

Adding new resources such as data storage and compute power will increase costs and reduce profitability. igroup optimisation services will:

  • Carry out regular reviews of your infrastructure
  • Identify redundant or under-utilised resources
  • Reallocate resources to improve efficiencies and reduce cost

Azure technical management

Microsoft regularly offers new products and services with Azure. With igroup as your management partner you benefit from our experience and knowledge as well as:

  • New service reviews for compatibility
  • New feature recommendations to improve performance
  • Reliability monitoring of added services

Peace of mind with igroup

By choosing igroup as your Azure managed services partner you will benefit from:

Proactive management – We actively manage and optimise your Azure cloud with regular maintenance and our own Cloud Control solution. We manage cloud configuration; network architecture; security settings; software updates; user authentication; monitoring; disaster recovery; firewall; anti-virus; and anti-malware.

Tracked spend –Azure pricing changes every month which affects your monthly billing and potentially your business profitability.  By choosing igroup, your pricing is caped for the duration of your 1, 2 or 3-year contract which eliminate spikes in your billing.

Further savings – Our team optimises your costs and performance by collating your data in our own bespoke software and analysing configurations to better reflect your real-world usage leading to immediate cost saving.

Managed Service Features

Management and support for Azure

Build & operate workloads following best practices

Monitoring, incident management, reporting, change management

Proactive support and incident response

24x7x365 alerting and reporting

Full infrastructure and environment automation

Access to expert Azure architects and engineers

Database, operating system & application support

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