Azure Hosting

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of a team of specialist consultants who have worked across multiple industries to deliver complex bespoke cloud solutions that transform the way a business manages their infrastructure.

Key Benefits of igroup’s Approach

Moving your data and applications to Azure can be complex and minimising business risk is essential.  When you choose to work with igroup you benefit in multiple ways:

  • Direct access to a UK based cloud consultant
  • A dedicated UK based team of certified Azure specialists
  • The confidence of working with an established Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Ongoing management of your environment to maintain performance
  • Cost optimisation using our IT Cost Control software to manage usage

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Azure Overview

The Microsoft public cloud is a highly flexible and secure public cloud service with global reach.  It provides a platform for hosting data and applications on reliable virtualised infrastructure that can help businesses reduce their IT costs and improve performance.

Users of the platform benefit from the ability to configure the whole infrastructure using individual Virtual Machines to build up a server farm that can be tailored to almost any purpose and managed through a single dashboard.

Did You Know

AWS and Azure pricing can change every month affecting your monthly billing.  By choosing igroup, your pricing is capped for the duration of your 1, 2 or 3-year contract, eliminating spikes in your billing.

An experienced consultant can help you get much more from Microsoft Azure thanks to their knowledge of creating a fully architected solution that uses the correct configuration of Virtual Machines and storage to maximise performance while keeping costs under control.

We provide a full consulting and technical management service to help our clients build the right cloud solution for their specific hosting needs.

Hosting Applications in Microsoft Azure

If your business is keen to make certain applications more reliable or available, we can help you achieve your goals.

Typically, application hosting requires a bespoke configuration of different virtual machines to handle different aspects of the software.  Our experienced consultants will work with you to map out the different functionality required across the application and then provide a scope for a deployment that meets your needs.  This will typically include the use of multiple specifications of virtual machine to provide services such as database hosting, front end interfaces, user management and analysis.

Hosting Data in Azure

Many businesses choose to host data in Azure rather than on unreliable legacy servers.  By understanding the volume of data that you want to store and how it is going to be accessed, we can work with you to develop the correct configuration based on overall database size and the servers to query that data and serve it back to users efficiently.

Hosting data in Azure can be hugely cost effective and benefits from the security innate in the platform and the ability to schedule backups and restore seamlessly, as part of your business continuity planning.

Azure Hosting

The flexibility of Microsoft’s Cloud means that it meets multiple business needs, from archiving data into a secure back up, through to making business critical apps more available and accessible to users anywhere in the world.  Azure Hosting is scalable and thanks to the range of VM solutions available, can be configured for almost any purpose.

Working with igroup as your Azure Hosting partner means benefiting from the experience and knowledge of a team of specialist consultants who have worked across multiple industries to deliver complex bespoke cloud solutions that can transform the way a business manages their infrastructure.

Azure Hosting for ISVs

As markets evolve and businesses move toward SaaS rather than traditional methods of software distribution, more Independent Software Vendors are choosing to use Azure as a platform for their own applications.

Key values such as flexibility to support scale as customer volume grows; the reliability of enterprise class data centres; and security in line with ISO 27001 standards, means that Azure is a strong choice.  With all the benefits of Azure hosting backed with the experience and support of the igroup technical team, migrating an existing application to the cloud can be a highly effective way for ISVs to adapt to new business models.

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