Microsoft Azure Cost Management

  • Reduce the costs of running your Azure environment
  • Monitor and report on resource usage
  • Bespoke cost management and invoicing solutions to reduce costs

Manage and reduce your Azure costs

As recognised industry experts, igroup can reduce your Azure costs. Our specialist teams will advise you on the solution that is best for your business and help you manage costs effectively. Our range of services includes:

  • Configuring Azure adviser and cost management tools for reports and alerts
  • Regular reporting and recommendations to reduce resource usage
  • Full support from our Cost Control Service

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How we work

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team provide a range of management services coupled with cost and resource analysis to help monitor and control your Azure spend, which can reduce ongoing subscription costs by up to 30%.

Azure pricing

Azure Pricing is determined by the resources you specify and use such as virtual machines, compute and storage.  As it is easy to provision new machines quickly and costs can quickly get out of hand if not fully managed.

At igroup we offer a range of cost management services tailored for your business needs which will:

  • Monitor and report on available and consumed cloud resources
  • Make recommendations to pause or upgrade resources
  • Understand workloads and schedule resources as required

Azure Cost Control

Our in house developed IT Cost Control software is a full functioned IT Financial Management (ITFM) solution which will help you track, monitor, gain insights and control costs for Microsoft Azure.

It can help you manage your spend and deliver more accurate financial reporting to help you grow.

  • Fully itemised cloud billing for Azure
  • Consumption data for all resources
  • Improves cloud management

Why work with igroup

Over time the resources you subscribe to will grow. By monitoring and minimising your Azure usage you can reduce costs and increase business profitability.

At igroup we have invested in developing applications that help our clients monitor and manage their Azure costs.

By working with us you will benefit from:

  • Greater visibility of resource usage
  • Proactive cost reduction
  • Regular assessments and reporting
  • Access to our pricing which eliminates usage cost spikes
  • Expert support and advice helping you deliver industry leading solutions

Key benefits

Save up to 30% on your cloud costs

A fully accredited Microsoft Gold Partner based in the UK

Ongoing optimisation to manage costs and performance

SLAs for uptime that exceed Microsoft’s own

Transparent pricing for all resources

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