Changing to a New Cloud Provider

Key Benefits of igroup’s Approach

If SharePoint is at the heart of your organisation’s productivity and collaboration efforts, then ensuring it is working at it’s best is essential.  With access to our SharePoint Helpdesk service, you get support from experienced professionals who are fully certified to work with the platform and can resolve issues quickly.

  • A dedicated and fully accredited UK based SharePoint team
  • More than 15 years’ experience with all versions of SharePoint
  • Access via phone or online ticketing system
  • Cost effective contract solution to ensure you are supported when you need it.

To find out more about how igroup can offer your organisation simple access to a remote SharePoint helpdesk service that’s on hand to provide support to your team, please contact a member of our team today on 0203 697 0302 or fill in your details below and we will call you back.

In this whitepaper, igroup provide guidance on the types of questions you should ask prospective partners during the selection process to ensure that their experience and skills are aligned with your needs.

Download this free whitepaper today to help you through your cloud partner selection process and reduce the risk of a mismatched relationship.

While the benefits of a cloud hosting solution for applications are clear, an underqualified managed services partner may not have the skillset required to help you achieve your technology goals.

From unexpected subscription costs through to poor app performance for end users, the list of frustrations you may face can usually be tracked back to the way your cloud has been configured and managed.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper

In this whitepaper we guide you through the process of developing a brief for a new supplier through to the core areas you should focus on when interviewing and reviewing proposals including:

  • The benefits of using a CSP rather than buying direct from Microsoft or Amazon
  • The key areas to focus on when reviewing potential suppliers
  • The most important questions to ask during the selection process

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