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New to the cloud?

It may sound obvious but setting up your business infrastructure to run from the cloud has the same complexities as running your own equipment. You will need to consider resilience, performance, availability, access, security, scalability and disaster recovery.  To do that efficiently you may need a specialist Azure consultancy team.

These are not dealt with automatically by Azure, but tools are available to enable this to be done. You will need to ensure that the architecture of your solution covers all of these. Depending on how you go about setting things up you may find your costs are not what you had hoped and struggle to understand what you are paying for.

Implementing and managing a cloud infrastructure for your business using only existing in-house resources is complicated by the fact that the Azure landscape is constantly changing. New features functionality and charging structures are released regularly. Using experts who intimately understand and keep pace with the Azure landscape can dramatically reduce the risk of your implementation, ensure value for money and then manage and maintain it for you.

At igroup we only do Microsoft and within that product set our focus is on Azure and SharePoint.

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform

How we can help

Our Azure team specialises in walking you through the digital transformation process to create a robust environment which is designed to deliver optimum performance with your budget in mind.

Designing a solid infrastructure requires a full assessment of your current IT landscape, researching the current infrastructure requirements that cannot currently be met, and finally understanding the plans of the business.  Only then, can the complex design process start to create a suitable architecture that can be deployed, and your business information is migrated with minimal disruption to your business.

We’ve worked with and can provide references and case studies from companies who

  • offer software as a service (SaaS) in industries such as finance and manufacturing
  • provide data intelligence as a service around the globe
  • design and host websites for FTSE clients
  • need a temporary hosting ‘stop-gap’ whilst weighing up long-term plans
  • have minimal internal IT resources to manage cost, maintenance, security, and performance of their cloud infrastructure

Did you know?

UK MS Data Centres can be approximately 30% more expensive than other European MS Data Centres. We monitor all Azure changes enabling us to offer the best service possible.

Changing provider

Switching cloud provider can be daunting for businesses but we believe the process should be as painless as possible.  When you choose igroup as your new provider, our team will walk you through the steps of our migration service to ensure the switch has a minimal impact on your business.

They’ll also take ownership of the transition from your current provider to ensure that the transition process is a smooth one.

The levels of support we offer range from advice and direction to experienced IT departments and third line support, to managing your entire hosting package including applications in your hosted environment – letting you focus on what you do best.

From concept to reality

From the moment you engage with a member of the igroup team, you’ll immediately feel in safe hands as they share our experiences with other customers.  They’ll carefully listen to your business needs and begin to build a clear picture of the challenges that you face and your end goals.

Once established, they’ll explain each of our discovery, onboarding, deployment and post-deployment stages and the services we offer to support your journey, pinpointing where we believe you’d benefit from third-party expertise.

1. Azure – first steps (the devil is in the detail)

Our team spends time sharing our knowledge and assessing your cloud readiness, helping you define your current landscape and resource demands. We deliver a checklist with a series of recommendations, explaining the options available to help you achieve your goal.  This process mitigates risk during your future cloud deployment stages.

2. Azure on-boarding, planning and architecture

Our on-boarding process starts with an architecture workshop, on-site or remote, depending on your circumstances and preference.  It’s delivered by a Microsoft accredited Azure specialist who’ll pull all your business requirements together, assessing software needs, looking at business objectives, and prioritising goals.

3. Azure deployments and migrations – avoiding pitfalls

By the time your deployment begins, each step is clearly planned, and any risks have been identified and mitigated. It’s carried out by Microsoft Certified professionals, typically taking between one and ten days depending on the size of the infrastructure.

4. Now the management can begin

We actively manage and optimise your cloud infrastructure by taking ownership of your regular maintenance schedule and settings – cloud configuration, network architecture, security settings, software updates, user authentication, monitoring, disaster recovery, firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware are all included.  We can also look for further regular savings through our cost optimisation service.

Our sales team are all technical Microsoft specialists that have a background in Azure, SharePoint, development and Office 365. If you need advice and want to talk through your options, the team are on hand to provide free advice and next steps. Call 0207 099 0632

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