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Azure Services Tailored to your Business’s Needs

As more businesses choose the Microsoft Cloud to host their data and infrastructure, finding a partner to help them get full value from the platform is essential.  Igroup offer a full range of Azure services tailored to businesses to assist in the whole process from initial migration to the cloud through to management and optimisation.

Whether your business is in the initial phase of planning or has an established presence in Azure and needs advice and support in reducing costs or improving performance, our experienced team are fully equipped to help you meet your business goals.

Azure Services

Our Key Competencies and Experience

Igroup have experience providing managed Azure services to organisations of all sizes and can provide a fully tailored solution backed by Microsoft.

Our UK based consultant team are fully certified to handle all aspects of your business cloud programme and can support your internal team with additional skills, knowledge and software that improves cloud management.

  • Cloud Platform
  • Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Productivity

igroup was one of the first UK cloud specialists to recognise the power of Azure, and we have built up a substantial client base who benefit from our experience and skills.  We work with organisations in multiple sectors from software and technology through to local government including:

  • IPES
  • Logic Melon
  • Alder Hey Hospital

We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for more than a decade providing Azure consultancy to clients of all sizes.

Did you know?

UK MS Data Centres can be approximately 30% more expensive than other European MS Data Centres. We monitor all Azure changes enabling us to offer the best service possible.

Changing provider

Switching cloud or hosting provider can be daunting for businesses but we believe the process should be as painless as possible.  When you choose igroup, our cloud consultancy team will walk you through the steps of our migration service to ensure the switch has a minimal impact on your business and most importantly, you are as confident as possible.

They’ll also take ownership of the transition from your current provider to ensure that the transition process is a smooth one, and any risks addressed and mitigated.

The levels of support we offer range from advice and direction, third line support, to managing your entire cloud infrastructure – letting you focus on your software and what you do best.

From concept to reality

From the moment you engage with a member of the igroup team, you’ll immediately feel in safe hands as they share our experiences with other customers.  They’ll carefully listen to your business needs and begin to build a clear picture of the challenges that you face and your end goals.

Once established, they’ll explain each of our discovery, deployment and post-deployment stages and the services we offer to support your journey, pinpointing where we believe you’d benefit from third-party expertise.

Azure Planning Services

Our Azure consultants spend time understanding your application, how it works and where it’s dependencies are located before moving on to what the cloud infrastructure might look like. This process is completed as part of our architecture workshop, on-site or remote, depending on your circumstances and preference. We deliver at least two variations with a series of recommendations, explaining the options available which will meet your objectives. This process mitigates risk during your future cloud deployment stages.

Azure Migration Services

In complex deployments or if desired, it may be beneficial even recommended by our team to deploy a scaled-back version of your Azure infrastructure architectures as a proof of concept. The proof of concept allows your team to evaluate and mitigate risks during the designing stages on a fixed budget before committing to an on-going monthly cloud spend.

By the time your migration to Azure begins, each step is clearly planned, and any risks have been identified and mitigated. It’s carried out by certified professionals, typically taking between one and ten days depending on the size of the infrastructure.


Azure Managed Services

We actively manage Azure and optimise your cloud infrastructure by taking ownership of your regular maintenance schedule and settings – configuration, network architecture, security settings, software updates, user authentication, monitoring, disaster recovery, firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware are all included.  We can also look for further regular savings through our Azure cost optimisation service.

More Information About Azure Services

We offer a full range of Azure Services throughout your journey to and use of the cloud.  For more information use the links below:


For more information about how our cloud consultancy services can help benefit your business, please call on 0203 697 0302, or email us to request a call back.

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