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Transforming your business - using computing resources whenever you need them and only pay for consumption.

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436 Managed VMs In Azure
400+ Azure Processors
2176GB Azure Memory

Thoughtful Microsoft Azure services

Digital Transformation

Migration of IT infrastructure into the cloud reduces the complexity and cost of managing your IT estate, whilst providing a robust, scalable platform to drive your core business processes.

Agile and Scalable

The infinite capacity of virtual machines in the cloud can be rapidly scaled on demand to increase capacity, or rolled back if the business needs changes. Near real time management of virtual assets in the cloud delivers agility to change direction rapidly.

Hybrid cloud

Our cloud solutions work with your existing network architecture. You may want to keep certain applications on premise, and transition some software to the cloud.

Azure solutions

We want to migrate to Microsoft Azure to digitally transform our business

We want to outsource our applications and their management to an Azure specialist

We need a team of experts to manage our Azure infrastructure and security

Our Microsoft Azure costs are spiralling and we need help to control them

We want to focus on Application Development and not spend our time managing Azure

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Why choose us

We’ve been specialists in Microsoft Azure since it’s initial launch 2010. Our UK team have helped numerous businesses take control of their IT spend and improve security.

Case study - IPES


Approx reduction in project lead time


“We were impressed with the knowledge & technical ability of igroup’s team. We would certainly recommend them for assistance with Azure”


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