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We’re the Azure infrastructure experts who help businesses plan, design and deploy the perfect cloud environment.

All cards on the table-it’s planning time

On-boarding Azure is complex and taking time to get your cloud deployment right, the first time around goes a long way to avoiding roadblocks and speed bumps further down the road.

The number of variables you must plan for in any physical infrastructure change is vast but compared with the move to something that’s a brand-new concept to that business, and possibly yourself too, those variables multiple exponentially. That’s why we’ve created our Azure onboarding service.

A lot rests on the shoulders of the IT department.

Did you know?

There’s an Azure machine that costs 5p per day and another that costs £5000 per day.  For us, it’s all about understanding your end goal to choose the correct specification.   For you, it’s all about choosing a partner that understands the Azure pricing model and service levels.

How we deliver a seamless process

Our onboarding process starts with an architecture workshop, on-site or remote, depending on your circumstances and preference.  It’s delivered by a Microsoft accredited Azure specialist who’ll pull all your business requirements together, assessing software needs, looking at business objectives, and prioritising goals.

From the workshop, you’ll receive a report containing a blueprint which can be used to deploy and configure Microsoft’s cloud technology-the Azure Platform.

Scoping your requirements and generating this blueprint ensures that we uncover all elements, mitigating any risk that can disrupt a smooth deployment and user adoption.

To further identify or confirm any perceived risks, and mitigate any known risks, you can opt to create a proof of concept.

If you already have an existing infrastructure, our team can provide a health check on that environment and report back to you.

Years of experience

Here are just a few of the good steps we’d recommend as you begin your journey.

  1. Think about your company’s goals. What are you trying to achieve through this process? Improved communication internally?  Maybe externally as well with distributors, customers, shareholders or third parties you outsource to? Steps to improve GDPR compliance? Replace rigid and expensive on-site hardware which you must maintain with more flexible, usage-based cloud resources which are maintained by the provider? Do you have plans for growth or business structure changes? Does security need to improve?  Or costs be reduced?  Having goals keeps your project focused.
  2. Gather all the current instances and locations of data stored within your business, how it’s accessed and who by. The exercise will enable you to not only research each departments requirement but also analyse all current spend and options to find the best fit for your business. It’s always an eye-opening exercise for any company too!
  3. Take the time to share the goal of the project with every employee – it will, after all, affect them too. There’s nothing worse than finding misunderstandings and cross-purposes further down the line that takes you back to the drawing board, or resistance from employees who feel threatened by the concept, or do not want to change.

It’s all obvious preparation but it’s surprising how often one or more of these areas are overlooked, impacting on project deadlines and spending valuable resource working out what’s gone wrong.

igroup’s Azure team have helped numerous companies achieve success in moving to the cloud.

Are you looking to move to the cloud, optimise your existing Azure infrastructure, want to swap providers, or have a chat about your cloud plans?

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