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What is SaaS?

Azure is Microsoft’s ever-growing collection of integrated cloud services that provide the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications without the need to understand or maintain the infrastructure required for them. However, it does take Azure SaaS expertise to make the most of them.

Software as a service or you might know it as SaaS allows businesses to use and connect to cloud-based apps over the Internet.

There are several common examples which evolved from traditional non-cloud software such as email and Office365.

But the cloud concept has enabled completely new solutions and easier access for businesses of all sizes to traditional “enterprise” level online business software for productivity and collaboration, such as CRM, task lists software as well as more powerful applications like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and document management applications.

SaaS is an attractive solution to businesses because it enables businesses to utilise software without underlying physical/virtual infrastructure and services for them to manage and maintain and is paid for as a subscription or by a PAYG model based on usage.

Software-as-a-Service expertise

Advantages of SaaS

If you’re a business offering a service through a software solution, then SaaS offers a much easier way to go to market and sell your service.

For your customers, your offering becomes more affordable on a PAYG or subscription model and doesn’t require technical resources on their part to set up.  It’s also generally license-free for the customer (not for the SaaS provider) and runs in a web browser, allowing access from any internet enabled devices such as desktops, tablets and phones.

This also means it is mobile accessible and data is stored in the cloud, so if a device is lost, stolen or broken, no data is lost.

SaaS can be used to deliver any number of services because of its flexibility and robust environment.

Building your apps in Azure

It doesn’t matter what your choice of preferred development platform is because you can utilise containerisation or a microservices-based approach with minimal code changes.

Or choose to build your application with the scalable Azure SQL database which offers a robust relationship database platform for developing, deploying and managing the data tier in a wide range of cloud-based applications.

Azure offers a built-in 99.99% high-availability SLA to ensure consistent performance and intelligent layers of security to prevent unauthorised access to your customers’ data.

That’s why Azure is the preferred choice for many sectors including finance.

Did you know?

Microsoft Azure isn’t just for Microsoft Software/Services?

So far this year Microsoft has rolled out the following cloud services to their ever-increasing offerings based on Open Source technologies:

  • Containerisation Services supporting the popular Docker and Kubernetes
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Azure App Services (On Linux)

Why choose igroup?

Our experience is extensive in working with businesses that deliver SaaS solutions.

We’ve helped global insurance companies, manufacturing companies, and data intelligence companies to name but a few.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking your first steps to create or move your application to the cloud or want to swap provider or need to reassess your environment to improve performance, scale or just reshuffle your cloud services – our team of Azure experts can help.

We can help you take advantage of Azure, Microsoft’s ever-growing collection of integrated cloud services that provide the freedom to build, manage and deploy software applications with ease.

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