Azure Cloud Assessment

Thoughtful digital transformation of your organisation using Microsoft cloud technology

We regularly come across businesses that need help addressing the cloud environment.  One of the most common problems affecting businesses who are relatively new to the cloud or do not have access to the technical expertise is the spiralling costs from basic out of the box set up.

A Cloud Assessment isn’t just for businesses who’ve made the leap to Azure.  The assessment exercise is good practice for new cloud customers to clarify the route they should take, as well as experienced customers who may be expanding into new areas or wanting to reassess their monthly costs.

What is cloud assessment?

The assessment is carried out as a workshop at the customers’ premises over the course of a day, assessing your readiness for implementing a cloud solution. The workshop is used to define the existing landscape within your business e.g. what software do you have, what features are you using, why you want to move to the cloud.

What do you get out of it?

You’ll receive a report documenting the pre-requisites and/or tasks which are needed to roll out software applications or cloud services.  Our checklist is based on many years of experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries and provides a solid basis to deliver recommendations that can be priced accordingly.

We’ll clearly identify each item with a traffic light status, recommendations for the non-compliant items and help you identify which migration route is best for your business and users – ‘hybrid’, ‘staged’ or ‘cut off’.

Why is it important?

With the best will in the world, any business implementing a cloud transformation is unlikely to have enough in-house experience to tackle all aspects of the project without a hitch, within a realistic time frame and that doesn’t impact daily IT duties.

Spending time conducting a Cloud Assessment will not only mitigate risk during future stages of your cloud deployment, it also provides a clear step by step guide to successfully achieve it with clear costs involved going forward and a good understanding of what resource will be needed to do that.

Next Steps

After you receive your Cloud Assessment, you’ll be in a better position to move forward with your Migration or opt for a Proof of Concept to ensure the architecture proposed, works for your business.  If a Proof of Concept is not required, you’d proceed straight to Architecture or Deployment.  You may also want to consider Cloud Control to manage the maintenance of the environment or a Customer Care contract utilising our teams’ expertise.

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