Amazon AWS Security Services

  • Protect your infrastructure, data and applications
  • A fully managed cloud security service designed to meet your needs
  • Always on monitoring to resolve issues quickly and efficiently

igroup AWS managed security services

We want you to be able to grow your business safe in the knowledge that your infrastructure, data and applications are protected from threats. Your AWS security needs to be configured correctly, monitored 24/7 for cyber threats and requires the latest patches and updates to keep it secure.

By working with igroup as your Amazon cloud security partner we provide:

  • Comprehensive managed cloud security tailored to your business
  • Always on monitoring of your environment
  • ISO 27001 information security / industry specific compliance
  • Improved threat visibility and timely resolution
  • Regular updates and patching
  • Reviews and recommendations to avoid threats and improve security

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How we work

Our fully managed cloud security services have been specifically designed to meet the needs of AWS users protecting critical data, applications and services.

Security and backup

Protecting your Amazon Cloud from cyber threats begins with architecting and planning the right solution for your business. During the initial phase we work with you closely to establish a secure system:

  • Replicate existing security policies
  • Review policies for vulnerabilities
  • Make recommendations to improve security
  • Configure the AWS built in backup solution

Detection and response

Our always on AWS monitoring of your environment identifies unusual behaviour patterns and flags them to our experienced security team who can then resolve them quickly, often before an issue affects your business.

  • Access to the latest network and endpoint monitoring tools
  • Up-to-the minute threat intelligence to
  • Immediate detection and response to attacks
  • Protect your AWS infrastructure, data and applications.

Why igroup for your AWS security

Our Amazon certified security team provide AWS security services by taking responsibility for the monitoring and managing of your environment so you can:

  • Focus on delivering services to your customers
  • Reduce in-house IT infrastructure management costs
  • React to cyber threats before they affect your business
  • Avoid potential reputational and financial damage

As a certified Amazon Consulting Partner igroup follows a five-step information protection process.

Classify data with security rules

Label data with classifications

Protect data according to its labels

Monitor access and network activity

Respond to suspicious activity

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