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igroup are cloud specialists who can move your applications and services to the cloud to improve business operations.

The Amazon cloud is a flexible platform that can host your business-critical applications and data in a scalable, reliable, and secure environment.  Our consulting service provides you with all the advice and support you need to plan a tailored solution that will deliver improved performance and cost efficiencies.

At every stage of your cloud migration journey, good planning is essential.  Our team invest time up front to understand stakeholder requirements and how these interface with your wider business goals.  This means that AWS solution will offer maximum value to your organisation today while also providing a strong foundation for your future growth.

Working with igroup means direct access to fully qualified AWS specialists throughout your planning and migration process.  This ensures consistency in delivery and means that your solution meets your goals fully.

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Getting Your AWS Solution Right from the Start

Moving a business-critical application, or valuable data to the cloud requires a thorough understanding of your operations and how they can be supported by a modern, flexible IT strategy.

Our team have extensive experience of creating bespoke cloud architecture for a diverse range of clients across multiple sectors with highly complex needs.  We recognise that moving to the cloud can entail some operational risk and seek to minimise this and maintain your operations throughout the process.


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Planning the right AWS Solution will save you time and keep costs down

The flexibility of the cloud can make your business more technologically agile in the long term, however it is important to ensure that you also pay attention to “the now” during the planning process.  There are several key questions that need to be answered to build the right foundation:

  • Which public cloud is right for your business? – There are multiple options available to you including Azure and Google. Our team offer consultancy across multiple platforms and will provide you with honest and reliable advice about whether one platform offers a better technical or compliance match to your needs.
  • Are there any regulatory issues? – You may be required to store certain data in a particular geographic location.  This can be achieved in the cloud, but it is vitally important to determine this in advance to avoid future issues.
  • What are your support capabilities? – The knowledge base for maintaining a complex cloud solution is different from legacy server hardware. Do you have in house skills to manage ongoing maintenance and support, or does this need to be a consideration?
  • What are you planning to move to the cloud? – Are you undertaking a full virtualisation in one step or spreading the work over multiple projects. Ensuring that required data can flow between applications and hosting situations may mean you need to re-prioritise certain parts of your migration.

Our team provide the knowledge and support to help you plan an AWS solution that is right for your organisation and meets your objectives.  We provide advice at all stages of the project to minimise risk and downtime.

Planning the right AWS solution

Our team are fully qualified and with igroup you get access to specialists who have delivered successful virtualisation projects across multiple industries.  Experienced professionals provide you with a fully managed service to plan your cloud solution and tailor it to your changing needs.

Did You Know

Improve business efficiency and reduce deployment costs by planning the right AWS solution

Our managed cloud solutions in AWS include 24/7 monitoring using our Cloud Control suite which automates resource scaling, back-ups and manages identity, while clients also benefit from detailed and transparent cloud billing services that help to reduce costs and allow for clear usage analysis.

A Full Range of AWS Services

Established in 2005 igroup is one of the UK’s leading Amazon Consulting Partners. Our fully qualified professional teams have worked with customers of all sizes from major multi-nationals through to small businesses. All our work regardless of the organisation size has increased return on investment and improved overall business performance.

igroup has delivered AWS managed services and migrations for businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors and our team have the knowledge to identify and resolve issues quickly as well as advise customers on how to achieve best performance from the cloud.

As specialists we provide a full range of Amazon management services including:

We have delivered AWS projects across a range of different market sectors including public sector, financial services, education and manufacturing. See our case studies for recent examples.

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