Capacity planning for the cloud is all about forecasting usage

igroup has years of experience in planning and managing AWS instances. We work with your business to identify your AWS needs and then prepare and present a detailed capacity plan as part of the specification.

A common issue when businesses migrate to AWS is over specifying their solutions.  This can happen when inexperienced consultants incorrectly estimate capacity requirements.  This can inflate costs as under-utilised resources are still charged for as though they were at maximum performance.

To achieve a cost-effective and efficient cloud environment, outside help during the planning of your AWS migration can help ensure that you get the right balance between performance and efficiency for your application.

Our experienced team fully understand all the combinations and pricing structures that should be considered when architecting AWS environments.  Thanks to our software background we also know the right questions to ask so that we can build a rich understanding of your application requirements so that you can meet your objectives.

Our specialist consultants can help you identify your AWS capacity requirements reducing costs and risk

AWS Capacity Management

AWS capacity management is fundamental for any business that is planning to move their infrastructure and applications to the cloud.  Most IT teams will focus on specifying the hardware when in fact with a cloud environment such as AWS forecasting usage is the most important factor.

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Our consultants help you identify your AWS capacity requirements to reduce wastage and improve performance

A significant benefit of moving to the cloud is that it offers your business the chance to scale operations as your cloud needs change. When planning AWS capacity there are multiple factors that should be considered including:

  • Number of licences / users both today and in the future
  • Storage – what information needs to be accessed immediately and what can be in long term storage
  • Growth – what are the business objectives and which areas are likely to grow
  • Location – where does information need to be accessed from and on what sort of devices
  • Compute and performance requirements – what will systems be used for

We understand that AWS capacity management is fundamental to ensuring a cost-effective and efficient cloud environment. We help reduce the risk of unforeseen changes that would incur time and cost to your business.

Managing AWS capacity requirements

As certified AWS partners, igroup have helped companies of all sizes and in different markets with their move to the Amazon cloud.

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Plan and specify your AWS capacity requirements correctly to reduce costs and business disruption.

We will help your business identify and specify your capacity requirements as well as planning for the future delivery of strong and stable environments that will adapt to your business needs as it grows.

A Full Range of AWS Services

Established in 2005 igroup is one of the UK’s leading Amazon Consulting Partners. Our fully qualified professional teams have worked with customers of all sizes from major multi-nationals through to small businesses. All our work regardless of the organisation size has increased return on investment and improved overall business performance.

igroup has delivered AWS managed services and migrations for businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors and our team have the knowledge to identify and resolve issues quickly as well as advise customers on how to achieve best performance from the cloud.

As specialists we provide a full range of Amazon management services including:

We have delivered AWS projects across a range of different market sectors including public sector, financial services, education and manufacturing. See our case studies for recent examples.

For more information about how we can help your business move to the cloud and reduce your costs, please contact a member of our team.

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