Is your business looking to move to the AWS cloud?

Our AWS solutions team work with your in-house team to plan, architect and migrate infrastructure and applications to the cloud.

Whether you are looking for compute power, storage, or other functionality, AWS can deliver a complete range of software and infrastructure services to your businesses. Through our consultancy process, we provide a customised solution that helps you meet business challenges with a tailored suite of cloud services including analytics, database, networking, software and storage.

Based in the UK, the Amazon certified consultants from igroup provide a wide range of AWS cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes to migrate their software and infrastructure to the cloud. Our team will work with your in-house IT team to advise on the best way to migrate your systems as well as supply technical support teams to deliver the right solution.

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Pain Free Migration to AWS

Amazon Web Services can help you meet modern business challenges by giving greater infrastructure and software flexibility. It is an ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses who want to build, manage and deploy applications and tools in the cloud.

Did You Know

Our AWS consultancy will plan and deliver the right solution for you that minimises business disruption and maximises return.

To maximise the benefits of moving your infrastructure to the cloud, our consultancy teams work with you to build a custom solution and take the headaches out of setting up and managing an AWS environment.

Getting AWS right first time can be challenging so expert solution consultants bring with them experience of planning, architecting and migrating similar companies to AWS which reduces deployment time and costs.

Whether your organisation has already moved to a cloud platform or is just starting to plan a migration, our experienced AWS consultant will provide support by:

  • Understanding your business needs and working with all stakeholders to understand their requirements
  • Specify and plan the right architecture that meets business objectives
  • Plan the migration process by running tests and prioritising migrations
  • Manage and review your infrastructure and applications so they operate as expected after migration
  • Provide ongoing support to optimise performance of AWS after the initial migration

The igroup AWS solutions consultancy team will help you plan and prepare your move to Amazon so that you will quickly see increased business flexibility and achieve your goals. As an Amazon partner, our consultant teams support companies all sizes to migrate their business systems, build the right infrastructure, migrating applications and supply technical support engineers to work with your own team.

A UK based fully certified AWS partner

igroup’s fully Certified Amazon consultants provide guidance to help organisations understand and gain the most benefit from AWS. Based in the UK we provide our clients with direct access to technical specialists to simplify the process and give you clear insight into the benefits that a managed cloud solution can bring your business.

Did You Know

Our UK based Amazon certified consultants will support you in planning and deploying your AWS solution.

Our consultants support companies who are new to moving to the cloud or who have already done so. Working together in a series of workshops we will plan the best cloud solution for your business.

A Full Range of AWS Services

Established in 2005, igroup is one of the UK’s leading Amazon Consulting Partners. Our fully qualified professional teams have worked with customers of all sizes from major multi-nationals through to small businesses. All our work regardless of the organisation size has increased return on investment and improved overall business performance.

igroup has delivered AWS managed services and migrations for businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors and our team have the knowledge to identify and resolve issues quickly as well as advise customers on how to achieve best performance from the cloud.

As specialists we provide a full range of Amazon management services including:

We have delivered AWS projects across a range of different market sectors including public sector, financial services, education and manufacturing. See our case studies for recent examples.

For more information about how we can help your business move to the cloud and reduce your costs, please contact a member of our team.

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