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Virtualisation and Business Growth with Azure

One of the biggest challenges for IT in a fast-growing company is ensuring that the infrastructure can be adapted to meet the needs of the business.  As new departments are added, and business requirements develop, infrastructure can become a bottleneck for change, holding back the business from achieving its true potential.

With Microsoft Azure, it is possible to create a fully managed cloud infrastructure for business under which virtual machines in the cloud handle application hosting and can be scaled on demand to increase capacity, or rolled back under circumstances where a business need changes.

Near real time management of virtual assets in the cloud means that a business can change direction quickly and effectively rather than needing to go through long term asset acquisition plans.

Using virtual capacity to fuel growth allows for faster innovation at all levels of the business.  New applications can be tested in development environments before being rolled out to all staff, and user management for security and single sign on can be managed centrally with specific versions of Office 365 deployed based on need.

Meeting Changing Needs

As organisations grow, the requirements for managing data increase exponentially.  Traditional infrastructure requires high levels of capital expenditure and comes with a long lead time.  This means that the business will typically have to buy more capacity than is needed, which impacts on profitability as costs are higher than necessary.

With on demand cloud capacity and igroup’s Azure Managed Services, the business is no longer tied into long term procurement of infrastructure, and as such can focus on investment in other areas.

Simplifying Growth

Virtualisation of infrastructure requires a clear roadmap and a degree of expertise in order to correctly deploy and reduce wastage.  One of the biggest challenges for businesses using cloud services is managing their costs effectively.

Assigning costs to individual departments can help an azure company to establish what business areas require the largest investment in IT and as a result, improve the ability of the business to plan for future growth.  Unfortunately, managing Azure costs can be complex due to the way in which machines are deployed.  Unless machines are grouped and the correct meta data assigned to each when deployed, understanding which department a machine belongs to can be complex.

Meeting Challenges

When it comes to migrating to the cloud, it is important to choose a partner who is able to fill any gap in knowledge that exists in your business regarding the intricacies of the cloud.  Being able to create an overall plan for the virtual infrastructure including setting the individual specifications for virtual machines that will be deployed, or building the virtual network and setting up appropriate back up protocols is essential.

igroup have extensive experience in delivering a full cloud solution using Microsoft Azure for our clients.  Our team are certified by Microsoft to deliver Azure based solution to our clients, and for your peace of mind, we are a Gold Partner across a number of disciplines.

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