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Using SharePoint as an Intranet

It may be all-singing all-dancing, but SharePoint can do a basic Intranet well too

SharePoint is widely used as a collaboration platform – especially amongst large organisations. Microsoft has unrivalled experience of providing software in the workplace by way of of its Windows ubiquity and it should be no surprise that SharePoint is a popular platform as a result.  Indeed, Microsoft says that SharePoint is the fastest growing product in the company’s history.

With this in mind, it’s worthwhile looking beyond SharePoint as just a collaboration platform and considering some of the other functions that it offers. SharePoint’s Intranet functionality is no great secret, but the context in which it it now exists is dramatically different to even a few years ago. Here are a few reasons to consider using SharePoint for your intranet:

Staff contributions

People are at the centre of any organisation – and this is reflected in SharePoint. As with Facebook or Linkedin, each staff member can have their own profile on SharePoint from which they can publish content. Different permissions can be set for different staff members, of course, but not only do staff contributions to the Intranet foster engagement within the organisation, they help to share knowledge from the areas is which each of your staff-members are experts.

Knowledge sharing

Not only can staff publish articles on your Intranet to share knowledge, but your intranet will be fully integrated with the rest of SharePoint deployment. Users will be able to easily link to documents and files from within your SharePoint deployment. If there’s a company presentation or a new set of branding images they can be easily dropped into intranet posts with a link to where the files can be found.

Social features

As well as easy linking to staff profiles, SharePoint intranets have tight integration with Lync (Microsoft’s video-conferencing tool) and Yammer (a social network used within business), making collaboration increasingly easy regardless of the tools that you use. Of course, simple commenting and sharing functionality for intranet articles exists too for discussion and proliferation of posts.

SharePoint’s intranet features are very good, but if you have an existing SharePoint deployment setup within your organisation for collaboration then the the potential for your intranet is hugely exciting. The seamless integration with your staff accounts and collaboration platform mean that very few, if any, other intranet solutions could compete.

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