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Top Tips for a SharePoint Deployment

Rolling out SharePoint can be a major project and always requires good planning. Following best practices will ensure that a deployment avoids some of the most common SharePoint problems and there are lots of guides available to help with the process, but there are a few simple tips that you should never forget:


When rolling out SharePoint, it is critical to have a clear strategy in place. Knowing what it is you are looking to achieve with SharePoint – be it better internal collaboration, document management or mobile working – is crucial in determining how your deployment is installed and setup. It is also important to understand how long your roll-out will take and how you intend to introduce staff members to the new software. The plan for your SharePoint roll-out should start from well before installation and extend to well after it.


Once you and your staff are familiar with SharePoint, part of what makes the platform so useful for so many organisations is the ability to tailor it to their needs. With good planning, you should now know how SharePoint will benefit your business. You may want to give certain staff members access to particular documents but not others. You may want to roll-out mobile access across the business so staff can work on the move. And knowing what apps can be installed to improve SharePoint for you company can be a huge benefit.


A SharePoint deployment doesn’t end after the installation – that is only the beginning. The platform must be kept regularly updated to ensure smooth and secure running. Administrators should be backing up regularly to so that in the event of any problems no data is lost. Likewise, databases and servers should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good health.

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