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Top ten tips on choosing a SharePoint hosting partner

Microsoft SharePoint is available for companies and people looking to improve their collaboration and document sharing using cloud technology. Installing and implementing SharePoint can be complex, particularly for large companies with many employees – that’s why it is important to choose the right company to host your SharePoint network. Here are the top ten tips on choosing the right SharePoint hosting company:
• Is your hosting company certified to install SharePoint? Microsoft certifies installers of their products and your SharePoint implementation should be done by certified Microsoft technicians.
• Does your hosting company ensure top security for your sensitive information? Documents and sensitive corporate information is shared using cloud technology. Make sure that your SharePoint hosting company provides internet security for your information.
• Is it feasible for your budget? You may not need the corporate version of SharePoint if you have fewer than fifteen employees. If that is the case, you should probably start with purchasing Office 365, which incorporates SharePoint 2013 without the need for network implementation.
• Does your hosting company provide 24 hour support? Emergencies can arise and you want to know that a problem with your SharePoint implementation won’t hinder your business operations.
• Does your hosting company provide training for your employees? Sometimes hosting companies train your company’s IT professionals who then teach the rest of the company how to use SharePoint. Having your employees trained by the hosting company will help to get everyone using the SharePoint module.
• Can your hosting company customise your SharePoint2013 module? For specialized businesses, some of the features of your SharePoint implementation may need to be customized – make sure that your hosting company can do it.
• Does your hosting company upload your documents to the module for you or will your IT department be responsible for adding documents? This can be a laborious and time consuming venture. Before documents can be shared across the network, they must be uploaded to SharePoint. Check to see if your SharePoint hosting company will do that for you.
• Does your hosting company offer you a deal on future upgrades? Many companies purchased SharePoint 2010 only to find that SharePoint 2013 with new features has just been released. Ask about deals on upgrades to a newer version of SharePoint.
• Does your hosting company have certified techs for all Microsoft software or just SharePoint?
• Does your hosting company offer partial implementation?

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