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Tips for improving your SharePoint development process

Supercharge your development process with some simple life-hacks

If you work with any software package on a daily basis you’ll know that there are always aspects that could be quicker or easier. SharePoint is no different. Here are three quick tips to help improve your SharePoint development process:


Installing SharePoint has always been notoriously tricky, although the newer versions are certainly much easier. Even better, there’s now a tool to make the process even simpler. AutoSPInstaller, provides, “Automated SharePoint 2010/2013 PowerShell-based installation script.”

Custom views

You can setup custom views in SharePoint should the default view not provide you with all the information you need at any point. To add a column to a document library, select the ‘Library’ tab from the ‘Library Tools’ group and then choose ‘Add Column’. As well as providing a simple description of the column, you can choose how it is displayed. You can also add the column to the custom view, should you wish, so it is displayed at all times.


SharePoint can be setup to notify you by email or SMS text message whenever things are changed. To set up alerts, use the ‘Alert Me’ button in the ribbon and specify the type and purpose of the alert that you need. You can customise the alerts to your needs so that you get updates for what you need without being barraged with extra, non-relevant information.

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