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The benefits of using a third party to manage your AWS Cloud

A key challenge of migrating from legacy servers to a cloud environment is accessing the different skills and knowledge required.  As more companies transition to hosting applications and data in AWS, they often need to work with a third party to bridge that skills gap.

igroup have worked with companies across different sectors who want support to professionally manage their Amazon cloud environment so that their business reaps the full benefits of virtualisation.


Once applications and infrastructure have been moved to AWS, they still need ongoing management.  Understanding areas of cloud management such as system configuration, resource optimisation, security and patch management, access control, automation, and disaster recovery are essential in ensuring the smooth operation of your environment.

Leveraging third party knowledge from qualified specialists and tools such as Cloud Control, your environment can be managed to maximise performance so that it meets your business objectives.

Ongoing infrastructure development

Like all cloud solutions, AWS is constantly evolving. Just as your own business changes over time so does AWS.  igroup keep up to date with the newly released features and provide advice about how they can be used by your business to improve cloud performance or reduce costs.

Training and skills

Third party specialists provide a valuable knowledge resource to upskill your internal team on how to get the most from your AWS environment.  This can include methods for improving performance as well as demonstrating how minor faults can be identified and resolved before they become an issue for you and your customers.

Additional resources when they are needed

Depending on the resources and skills available with your in-house team you may choose to have them provide first line support for users but there will be times that you need additional expertise.

By working with a third party for AWS management they will be able to provide expert resource quickly as and when you need it to diagnose and fix more complex issues with business-critical systems.

Cost savings

The experience that comes from working across multiple deployments brings knowledge about how to improve efficiency.  igroup can use monitoring tools to find areas where usage can be improved leading to cost savings.  Analysing multiple client deployments can reveal trends and opportunities that are not always visible at a smaller scale which means your business benefits from much larger amounts of data.

In addition to this, igroup offer our own cost management tool (IT Cost Control) which monitors your infrastructure to identify under used resources, create schedules and maximise operational performance.

Future Proofing

Migrating to AWS can give your business a significant competitive advantage and help deliver better, more efficient services and applications to your users.

Third party support gives you access to the latest technology and services including new features, updates, and best practices for efficiency. Working with a third party to manage your cloud IT infrastructure frees up the time of your in-house IT team so they can focus on delivering other business services.

If you would like to find out more about how igroup can help manage your AWS infrastructure so you can concentrate on delivering a better service to your customers, please contact us on 0203 697 0302.

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