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Sharing the knowledge: SharePoint tips

The team at igroup love to share knowledge, so this week we’ve rounded up a few top tips from our team of developers on best practice of your SharePoint environment to share.

  • Keeping your homepage slick to minimise loading time is best practice especially if you have a company policy that all employees should have the intranet as their home page.
  • If your SharePoint Online platform is heavily branded and includes lots of images, you may want to review the images to ensure they’re as optimised as they can be to increase page loading time to improve end-user experience and adoption.
  • If you’ve chosen to create your own SharePoint platform with the latest SharePoint online 2016 version, using the Modern UI Pages, you should still consider seeking out an expert for site structural setup and security. Even though the new interface offers an uncomplicated way to apply a modern front end that’s intuitive, the backend hasn’t changed. It still requires experience to ensure the platforms operates as it should.

Did you know: one of our top 5 SharePoint support issues is structure and security which has gotten out of hand.

  • If you’re setting up team sites, you should consider what governance is required to manage policies and processes, roles and responsibilities. Team Sites allow a lot more flexibility to the users adding and managing data.  If the site has a short life span, it’s not likely to cause a problem, but if it’s part of a larger plan to ‘enable’ users, a best practice needs to be implemented.  Make sure someone in your team has the knowledge and training to implement best practice.
  • The reality of a short lifespan for a team site rarely stays short. We frequently resolve structure and security issues helping bring them in line with group policy.

If you’d like to talk to the team about a health check on your SharePoint site to help optimise the current environment, give us a call.

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