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Making the most of Azure

With the best will in the world, businesses of any size, implementing or managing their cloud deployment are unlikely to have enough in-house experience or time to tackle all aspects of Azure – minimise costs and maximise efficiency.

At igroup, that’s all our Azure Experts do.

Did you know?

  • UK MS Data Centres can be approximately 30% more expensive than other European MS Data Centres. We monitor all Azure changes enabling us to offer the best service possible.
  • Azure pricing can change every month which does affect your monthly billing.  By choosing Azure with igroup, your pricing is caped for the duration of your 1, 2 or 3-year contract, eliminating spikes in your billing.
  • When configuring Azure, there are multiple Series and configurations to choose from, in the same way, you’d configure a car – make of car, model, engine, fuel, colour, and every trim and feature you can think of. Every choice impacts your monthly cost and end performance.

Whether your business wants to move to the cloud, has recently moved, or already has a mature cloud environment, we know that igroup can still add value, reviewing, optimising and advising on your cloud infrastructure.

Our services range from a one-off (or reoccurring) health check on your environment to a fully managed hosting package.

Health and Cloud Assessments

Both health and cloud assessments are good practice for all businesses-new and existing. The assessments check your current infrastructure against documented boundaries, limits and best practices for each platform producing a RAG based report.


Our fully managed cloud service gives you the freedom to choose which country your data is held. We’ll perform daily backups, updates, and patching along with strong SLA’s and high quality azure support.

Cloud Control and IT Cost Control

Our bespoke software provides better oversight of usage patterns & visibility of actual usage compared with capacity, so our team help to reconfigure your environment to better reflect your real-world usage leading to immediate cost saving.

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