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How an Intranet can improve internal training

A key feature of any SharePoint installation is the ability to create a feature rich business Intranet which will allow the sharing of knowledge and information. For many businesses though they don’t realise the role an Intranet can play in staff training.

The Value of Learning and Development

Learning and development is fundamental to business success. New technologies and platforms such as SharePoint mean that training can be developed and delivered in different ways that suit the individual business needs and requirements rather than the traditional “one size fits all” approach. Recognising new ways of training will also allow a business to continue to develop and grow their staff skills which will in turn allow the company to continue to evolve and remain competitive.

Over the past few years companies have also begun to realise that employees are now pushing for greater training opportunities to improve their own personal development and one way in which this can be done effectively and efficiently is through an Intranet.

Why use the Intranet to deliver training?

A SharePoint Intranet simplifies how training is delivered and quickly replaces traditional classroom training approaches. As staff become more technically minded they look for workplace training to be delivered in the same way as other forms of education and also include greater interactivity.

By delivering training through an intranet staff will benefit because:

They can train anywhere – Just as staff are now plugged in 24/7 so is a SharePoint intranet. This means that training can be completed anywhere and also at anytime across multiple devices. Staff can access resources on the move or at home and will often do so in their own time which in turn will improve their skills and overall productivity

Training is best done by collaborating – As we have discussed previously SharePoint is a tool that promotes collaboration across a whole business. Using an Intranet for training means that staff no longer have to just rely on people in the classroom with them but can share experiences throughout the whole organisation. This wider sharing of knowledge also helps increase productivity and distribution of skills and knowledge.

Training can be continually referenced – Traditional classroom learning and development often means copious amounts of written notes, handouts and books that are regularly put to one side once the training is concluded and never referenced again. By delivering training through a SharePoint intranet content becomes searchable and an ongoing reference tool maximising the benefit of training allowing it to be deployed in practice.

Training is more effective with feedback – Regardless of how training is delivered, whether it is in the classroom or online, learners need feedback to tell them how they are doing and to answer any questions. Using an Intranet means that real-time feedback can be given throughout training courses, discussions can be had with trainers, and also managers can monitor progress to ensure that training is completed. This will greatly improve the value of the learning and development programmes across the business.

Training using an Intranet saves costs – Every business is looking to reduce costs and using an Intranet greatly reduces internal training costs. Across multi-site organisations staff and trainers no longer have to meet in a classroom, diaries no longer have to be checked and most of all training is given once and can then be accessed at any time. In addition to this training packages can be added to rather than recreated each time allowing greater sharing of knowledge and added benefit to the business.

As we have seen by using a SharePoint Intranet to improve internal training companies benefit from greater collaboration across departments, teams and locations as well as being able to change and develop training as the business changes. By specifying training as a key objective for any SharePoint installation will also mean that the right apps and add ins are included at the start and the maximum overall benefit is achieved.

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