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Igroup publishes server hosting research

UK-based SharePoint provider igroup ltd has published a white paper examining the global server market for businesses

igroup ltd, a growing UK-based SharePoint firm, has published research looking at the global server market. The whitepaper looks at the current state of the market and factors that are affecting it.

‘Enterprise Server Hosting 2013’ highlights growth in the worldwide market for servers. It notes that a number of factors are affecting the market, including demand for cloud technologies, increased data transfer with internet expansion, economic forces and the advancement of technology.

Managing Director of igroup Steve Rastall said, “This research from igroup provides a detailed look at the global server market. The trends we have outlined affect businesses of all sizes and should be used by businesses to inform future decisions on server infrastructure.”

As well as providing an overview of the server market, the white paper covers industry trends, technology platforms and server software market share.

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