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Control your cloud costs to reduce your IT budget

The cloud is now a mature and stable framework for migrating your IT infrastructure. Whilst its scalability provides many benefits, like any resource it needs to be properly managed to ensure you are fully in control of both usage and costs.

Ironically, considering all managed cloud providers sell cost reduction as a major benefit, cost allocation and reporting are reckoned to be one of the key features missing from established cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. Coupled with a complex pricing structure, this makes the management and predictability of your costs complex and unclear.

Actionable Technology Business Management information

What organisations require is a solution that can take the vast array of data that a cloud platform produces and deliver actionable management information via a configurable portal. Fortunately, such a solution now exists for Microsoft Azure users.

IT Cost Control has been designed and developed by igroup to be fully configurable and offers easy onboarding. It takes the raw data from your Azure infrastructure and processes it through our Cloud Console Analysis Engine. Here, it uses complex algorithms to manipulate big data sets and extract meaningful insights from the Azure Data Lake.

The software architecture is entirely scalable enabling it to grow with your organisation. It is capable of handling high volume transactions and deep analysis of multiple line items, even at the enterprise level.

Detailed IT cost reduction information

Such detailed cost information provides complete billing transparency, enabling you to make sense of complex pricing matrices. This allows you to quickly and easily produce itemised billing reports, vital if you are looking to allocate the costs of using Azure back to the users or departments who actually utilise it.

It is also possible to set up alerts so, when a preset threshold is reached you will be automatically notified, allowing you to take immediate action. From the analysis we have carried out with our customers who use IT Cost Control, they save an average of 30%, providing a rapid ROI on your initial investment.

Your own fully branded IT Financial Management portal

We initially request access to pull down your billing information from Azure. Then we perform a data analysis, process the information and produce useful reports and insights, including Meta data, budget control and report annotations via the portal. Your portal is branded with your own company logo and is then available for you to access.

Costing is scalable and is results based; The more you use Azure, the less the service costs you. You can even use it to test various cloud architectures to model the financial impact as well as identifying downtime to ensure SLA compliance.

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