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Automating Business Processes With SharePoint

A key advantage that SharePoint brings to an organisation is the automation of key business processes to improve efficiency.  

SharePoint workflows let you manage processes from start to finish and ensure that certain criteria are met along the way.

Properly configured SharePoint workflows provide administrators with substantial information about the way in which different team members interact with content and provide the foundation for improved reporting and measurement of all areas of operations.

A Typical SharePoint Workflow

One of the most frequently used SharePoint workflows is the document approval process.

A simple example of this would be:

  • Team member creates draft document for client
  • Senior team member reviews document
  • Document passed back to original team member for amendments
  • Amendments added to document
  • Document returned to senior team member
  • Document approved
  • Document distributed to client 

This process should ensure that the document meets the required information or presentation standards of a business and is accurate.  Such a process should include version control – ensuring only a single version exists – and alerts which can be triggered by specific criteria such as a deadline.

 Building More Complex Automation

SharePoint’s flexibility is a major advantage.  Multiple systems can be integrated so that information flows from one application to another. 

An example of a more complex automated process in a logistics company might be:

  • A vehicle logs mileage that meets a service interval
  • The vehicle is assigned a route that concludes at a service centre

This type of process can reduce downtime for machinery and improve efficiency but require integration with different systems for planning and recording.

This type of rule is that it creates a more efficient system for the business, minimising the amount of waste in both vehicle downtime and in terms of driver allocation.

igroup and Automation

During the planning process, our consultants review the different ways that SharePoint can be deployed to benefit a whole organisation.  Our consultants work with different stakeholders to understand how a business operates and which common processes can be built into a deployment ant at which stage.  

Most workflows can be built through the configuration process and through the different application connectors that SharePoint Online uses to integrate data from other common business applications.  

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