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Adopt the “AMG line” approach to your Azure architecture

Adopt the “AMG line” approach to your Azure architecture

How do you make something good even better?

If you were buying a premium car like a Mercedes or BMW, you can choose from different spec levels and tailor it to your needs, or alternatively, you could use the expertise of a tuning specialist who will take the factory basics and combine it with performance parts and use their expertise to build you a more capable package that is designed to do certain thing smuch better than normal.

This is the approach that is taken by companies like AMG or Alpina who use their full understanding of a platform (e.g. a Mercedes) and then apply the best possible combination of parts.

There is a difference between the approach of the likes of AMG and a private aftermarket tuner – AMG have much closer access to the original manufacturer and as a result, have much better knowledge of the capabilities of the platforms they work with.

The same is true (to a certain extent) of specialists within the IT and cloud space – companies with a deep understanding of how the Microsoft and Azure clouds work for businesses are able to combine this with a personalised understanding of what a business requires from the plattform to build a custom solution that will perform exceptionally well while also offering class leading levels of reliability.

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud is not just a one-off operation. It is a big-step project that requires a culture change to ensure that proper ongoing management processes are central to your operations after the move.

igroup developed our Cloud Control software to do this. It handles the day to day management of your infrastructure – scaling resource, scheduling back-ups and applying patches – to improve all aspects of cloud experience – from management and performance through to cost.

Cloud Control provides benefits for:

  • Active Directory – authentication & security at no extra cost
  • Backup & recovery – storage is replicated 3 times in one region then duplicated in another
  • VM monitoring – improved performance and availability
  • Networking – load balancing

Most of our clients find that Cloud Control reduces Azure costs by up to 40% while also delivering improved security and 99.999% availability.

A Full Package

Because we built Cloud Control specifically to provide an all round “tuned” upgrade to Azure, using feedback from our clients and the wider market, we identified the key bottlenecks that affect performance or reliability, or contribute to increased costs and tailroed our suite of tools to handle these aspects of the cloud.  The current version provides all of the following benefits:

  • Cloud configuration
  • Network architecture
  • Security settings
  • Software updates
  • User authentication
  • Monitoring
  • Disaster recovery
  • Firewall
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware

You can access your cloud updates at any time via your own Cloud Control console. This gives you immediate access to your server environments and detailed performance reports. Our Cost Control servicce upgrades your Azure Cloud to “AMG line” performance levels, whilst reducing your costs.

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