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Useful information based around AWS and Azure

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Featured Articles

In the UK, the market for managed cloud services leveraging Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS
platforms is vast with many providers offering different services. Choosing between a direct relationship with the platform owners or a partnership with a bespoke consultancy is a key decision that will shape how your business uses the cloud.

Introducing Cloud Technology to Your Business and How to Make it as Stress-Free as Possible

Whilst the technology and capabilities of the cloud are constantly changing and improving, there can be a lack of understanding when it comes to how the process works and how it differs from previous on-site infrastructures available.

How do I Gain a Clear View of Costs in AWS and Azure & Stop Getting Surprises?

The cloud has grown to become an integral part of modern business, facilitating greater agility, flexibility, speed, and innovation. But the subscription service model is something which causes many organisations significant problems with unpredictable costs and unnecessary over-spending.
In this article, we explore the common issues with cloud cost management, and provide guidance for gaining greater visibility and control over your cloud spend.

Working with AWS or Azure and need a cloud assessment?

We have the hard-won experience of working with hundreds of Azure environments. We can help give you a second opinion and the support that you need. 

Working with AWS or Azure and need to know the key terms?

Overall, the public cloud services offered by Microsoft and Amazon are similar however, using the two platforms can be made more complex by virtue of them using different naming conventions for similar services.

CAMS Product tour

The CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) has been developed by igroup because of their experience in supporting and managing customer cloud environments since 2010.

CAMS brings together performance and cost monitoring tools, support processes and general administration functions through a single portal to manage your cloud.

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Some of the latest videos on our youtube channel talking about how we have helped other customers with the challenges they faced. 

Avoiding Problems Moving to the Cloud

LogicMelon: Case Study

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Why ISVs Migrate to the Cloud with igroup

CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS)

Please see our downloads area for all the information on CAMS Core, CAMS Flex, CAMS Compute

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  • Can be implemented on existing or new infrastructure
  • Platform independent
  • All your management, support and optimisation tools in one location
  • New functions and features are automatically deployed
  • Dashboards provide clear, reliable and concise information
  • Your infrastructure is constantly being optimised and reviewed


  • No need to change your existing infrastructure relationship
  • Use either AWS or Azure, the choice is yours
  • Instantly identify issues, improve performance and access support
  • No additional costs / upgrade path
  • Spend your time improving your own business performance
  • Ongoing performance increases and guaranteed cost reductions

White papers directory

Our white papers are quite targeted and aim to give you the information you need on key topics related to the cloud. If you have an area you want to know more about and it's not listed then please feel free to get in touch

downloadpdfGuide: Moving your custom application to the cloud

The business risk to moving your software product or service to the cloud is significant.

In this guide, we address general technical concerns and how to tackle the knowledge gap, explain cloud components, how they fit together, compare traditional infrastructure to cloud infrastructure, and explain which cloud services are best suited to software providers.

downloadpdfTruly consistent hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure

This is a  breakdown of why you would use a hybrid cloud and the areas to consider for a successful implementation with a focus on identity, management, security and consistency for moving forward. 

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Key Benefits

  • Save money on your AWS and Azure costs 
  • Stronger SLAs than AWS and Azure 
  • Inbuilt security and monitoring 
  • Plug and play, complement or outsource cloud management
  • The team has over 50 years of experience in AWS & Azure