Cloud Architecture Workshop

Architecture designed by Microsoft & AWS certified experts following best practice guidelines


If you’re taking steps to move your companies’ infrastructure to the cloud, or maybe move more of your existing applications to the cloud to achieve more integration, resolve growing storage issues, then you should consider allocating some resource to creating a detailed architecture before proceeding.  The exercise will enable you to not only research each departments requirement but also analyse all cost and options to find the best fit for your business.

Transitioning to the cloud

What is it an cloud architecture workshop?

igroup conducts an onsite or remote technical workshop with your team and a stakeholder, usually between one and five attendees.  The session is delivered by a technical specialist and typically takes a full working day. They will conduct a deep dive into your business objectives and software needs, helping gather your requirements and prioritise your goals.

Cloud specialist

What do you get out of it?

You’ll receive a report containing a blueprint which can be used to deploy and configure your chosen cloud technology.  The report will outline the scope of the project and cover

  • Any current and proposed physical architecture e.g. specifications of virtual machines, load balancing requirements, performance, scaling, backup etc
  • Assessment of software application components and dependencies

Why is it important?

Deploying a successful cloud environment within a business entails a considerable number of tasks with many factors to consider.

  • Moving from capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) model, how important cost is and how that can affect your options e.g. hardware upgrades and maintenance costs or multitenant vs platform as a service
  • Make the architecture as flexible as possible to account for future business changes/needs
  • Implementing your companies own security restrictions on top of the ‘out-of-the-box’ restrictions
  • Balancing accessibility against security to ensure user adoption and scalability of your system.
  • How the new architecture will be managed – do you need to minimise infrastructure management or outsource it?
  • Assessing whether your existing architecture follows Microsoft and AWS best practice

Scoping your requirements and generating this blueprint ensures that we uncover all elements, mitigating any risk that can disrupt a smooth deployment and user adoption.

Next Steps

You may want a Proof of Concept to ensure the architecture proposed, works for your business.  If a Proof of Concept is not required, you’d proceed straight to Deployment.

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