Application Management Service

Let us manage and support your applications as a service

Throughout our years of SharePoint development, we’ve repeatable functionality that isn’t available through the Office 365 suite and SharePoint.

Whenever we spot these trends with functionality, we create an App Framework, like a plugin you’d find on a website, enabling us to offer the functionality to other customers and still apply a business’s branding and any tweaks to suit a business’s model.

We can also take any third-party code that’s still in use but has been orphaned by its original creator.

Maintenance of that code is delivered through our Application Management Service.

Looking after custom code

What is application management?

The Application Management service provides software application support and maintenance of any ‘igroup App Framework’, third party application which has completed an onboarding process or custom application created by igroup specifically for you.

What do you get out of it?

The service covers 3rd line support, bug fixes, release management and provides all the licenses required for any of the igroup App Frameworks.

Our CodeWalk on-boarding process is available to customers who have legacy code that is no longer supported by the original creator.

Why is it important?

Did you know that Microsoft is changing their theming engine?  Do you know if your existing SharePoint will be affected?

We’re able to manage the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its life cycle allowing your IT team to focus on what it does best.

It’s also a unique service we offer, to take on third-party code that’s unsupported. Very few Microsoft Partners provide a similar service and the ones that do, in our experience, will charge you for a full rewrite, doubling the cost of your app.

That’s not our approach. We don’t believe in charging customers for unnecessary work. You are after all, at risk and could encounter problems as software and platforms are upgraded.  It’s our intention to help you resolve that as quickly as possible.

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