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When managing AWS & Azure let CAMS do the heavy lifting

Use automation to remove pairs of hands

Improving performance and reducing costs in AWS & Azure 

At igroup, we have developed a technology driven, automated cloud management solution with complementary support services that actively improve the performance of your cloud infrastructure, reduce costs and help you maximise the benefits to your business.

CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS), from igroup, is a fully managed and monitored cloud support solution that can be implemented with a new or existing AWS or Azure subscription.

CAMS ensures your business critical cloud is performing to its maximum potential, is cost effective and always available.

Uptime SLA 99.999% 

With our managed platform using CAMS we guarantee uptime

Cloud Cost Optimisation

We've saved some customers over 40% on their monthly cloud spend

Proactive 24/7 Support

Infrastructure status
dashboards and support tools

How can we help you?

Our expert UK teams support and manage AWS and Azure cloud platforms for companies across the world. We plan, deliver and support the solution that is right for your business and gives the maximum return on investment.

Service That Stands Out

Our technology is always working for you. It does not get sick or go on holiday; it just works 24/7


CAMS Customers


% Uptime


24/7 Support


Customer satisfaction score

igroup – reducing cloud costs and improving performance

We understand the challenges your business faces, as we have worked with the cloud for over 10 years. Your cloud infrastructure is at the heart of your business which is why we have developed the CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) which delivers a complete performance and support service for your organisation.

With igroup and CAMS as part of your team, we deliver an always-on cloud management solution which ensures infrastructure performance, reduces costs and is ready to meet your future challenges. CAMS brings together all the functions, processes and features you need to manage your cloud. It does the heavy lifting for you by automating the day to day cloud management.CAMS does the hard work for you at a fixed monthly cost.

  • Automated cloud management from day one
  • Plug and play with AWS and Azure
  • Live dashboards for up to the second insights
  • AWS and Azure UK certified team
  • Guaranteed AWS & Azure discounts of up to 20%

Our cloud management products

As cloud specialists, we will help you utilise the value of your applications and data in the cloud. Depending on your requirements, CAMS and igroup will plan, architect, deliver and manage the solution which is right for your business.

CAMS Compute Logo

Delivers high quality, flexible cloud hosting solutions on either AWS or Azure environments.

It guarantees significant discounts, additional storage and data transfer allowances as standard; free resources and full integration with CloudOps Active Management Solution to proactively manage and support your cloud.

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CAMS brings together performance and cost monitoring tools, support processes and general administration functions through a single portal.

Fully managed on your behalf by our dedicated team of cloud experts, it can be implemented across any new or existing Azure or AWS cloud infrastructure.

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CAMS Flex Logo

Delivers high quality, flexible cloud hosting solutions on either AWS or Azure environments.

It guarantees higher cost reductions by using algorithms to select the best performing environment at the time. In addition, Flex gives customers additional storage and data transfer allowances as standard.

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Featured articles

Our News area has articles about a variety of AWS & Azure topics from migration to support.
Read the full range of articles in our blog and articles areas. 

This article aims to outline the support plan options available from the cloud providers themselves (What are the Azure support plans? / Whats are the AWS support plans?) and their partners (Who are the partners? What do they offer?). Then ask the questions you have, in how it relates to you and your needs for the short or long term.

How to Succeed with
Single Sign-On in the AWS & Azure Cloud

In our latest article, we explore how single sign-on (SSO) works in the cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure customers, as well as the pros and cons of using the technology.
We also provide guidance for how to succeed with single sign-on in the cloud when implementing this technology for your own business.
In this article, we explore key considerations, provide guidance for managing the associated risks, and help you understand how to succeed with your own AWS migration or Azure migration

If you’ve invested in a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, you could be part of a ‘cloud solution provider’ (CSP) agreement with your partner without even realising it. But a CSP is a proven driver of risk, over-spending, and a range of other challenges. In this article, we explore what a CSP is and provide advice to help you avoid this common pitfall.

How do I Gain a Clear View of Costs in AWS and Azure & Stop Getting Surprises?

The cloud has grown to become an integral part of modern business, facilitating greater agility, flexibility, speed, and innovation. But the subscription service model is something which causes many organisations significant problems with unpredictable costs and unnecessary over-spending.
In this article, we explore the common issues with cloud cost management, and provide guidance for gaining greater visibility and control over your cloud spend.

Do you need an AWS and Azure expert?

AWS services

Our UK based certified AWS consultancy team can plan, migrate and provide ongoing management of your AWS cloud infrastructure.

AWS Certified Partner Network

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Azure services

As Microsoft Azure certified experts, we have worked with hundreds of companies to build, test, deploy and manage solutions in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Gold Partner

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